Joint major in Italian & Linguistics

Printable Brochure

You can download a printable version of the requirements for the joint majors combining linguistics with French, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish; information about the Honors programs is included here.

NEW! For a brochure with an overview of the Italian & Linguistics major, download this file: (print it out 2-sided; flip on short side).
Note that the honors program is not described there.

Major Requirements

The major consists of 13 courses, including at least 6 in Italian and 6 in Linguistics, listed below. In addition to the requirements for the major, students must also satisfy general requirements of the College of Arts & Sciences. An advisor can assist you in designing your program of study.

Six courses in Italian

Advanced language course, one from:

  • CAS LI 303 Self-Expression

  • CAS LI 303 Advanced Self-Expression

  • CAS LI 305 Topics in Composition and Culture

  • CAS LI 306 Advanced Italian Practicum

Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque literature course, one from:

  • CAS LI 350 Italian Literature I: Medieval

  • CAS LI 351 Italian Literature II: Renaissance and Baroque

Four literature courses

  • Four Italian literature courses at or above the 400 level

Six courses in Linguistics

Introduction to Linguistics

  • CAS LX 250 Introduction to Linguistics (offered every semester)

These three courses can be taken in any order. They all have CAS LX 250 as a prerequisite.

Linguistic theory

Two Linguistics electives

Additional elective

Additional elective, one from:

  • CAS LI courses in language, literature, and culture

  • General linguistics courses: CAS LX courses at or above the 400-level

  • Other course in Italian language, linguistics, literature, or culture, with advisor approval

Declare your major or minor

You can now change your major or minor declarations online:
Be sure to list all your majors and minors if you are making any kind of change.

Honors Program

For details of the Honors Program in Italian & Linguistics, click here.