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Wed Mar 04, 2015


05:30 PM - 07:00 PM



Stone B50


Undergraduate events


Presentation by Prof. Laura McPherson


“Plural formation in Seeku (Mande, Burkina Faso)”

Abstract: This talk focuses on nominal plural formation
in Seeku, a Mande language spoken in Burkina Faso.
Plural forms are distinguished from singular forms by both
tonal and vocalic changes, lending the appearance that
there is no affixation involved. However, I will argue that both
tonal and vocalic changes result from the suffixation of
sub-segmental phonological features, which dock to the root
and trigger the phonological changes seen on the surface.
In this talk, I provide an introduction to Seeku and phonological
feature theory then show how features can behave as independent
affixes in the morphology that contrast with regular segmental affixes.

Laura McPherson

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Prof. Laura McPherson (Dartmouth College)

Sponsored by

the BU undergraduate Linguistics Association

the BU African Studies Center

the Department of Romance Studies

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