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  Sep 2016


Thu Sep 22, 2016


05:30 PM - 07:00 PM



KCB (565 Commonwealth Ave.) 101




LINGUISTICS COLLOQUIUM: "Speech Technology & Applications"


Abstract: The talk will cover several branches of speech technology, including Automatic Speech Recognition, Phoneme Indexing and Audio Retrieval, Spoken Language Identification, Speaker Identification, Verification, Speech Synthesis, audio and prosodic feature extraction, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It will discuss research and development that apply the components of speech technology and NLP for various operational applications ranging from multimedia cross-lingual information retrieval, voice command and control of electronic medical record systems for medical data entry and retrieval, intelligent situation awareness and communication for unmanned systems, voice biometrics for authentication on mobile devices and mining audio cues from PTSD interview recordings.

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Qian Hu, BU PhD in Applied Linguistics (Chief Scientist of Speech Technology, The MITRE Corporation)

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