Tyler Perrachione

Assistant Professor of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Tyler Perrachione
Email: tkp@bu.edu
Web: http://sites.bu.edu/cnrlab/
Office phone: 617-358-7410
Office number: SAR 333
Office address: Sargent College, 635 Commonwealth Ave.,
Boston, MA 02215

BA, Linguistics & Cognitive Science, Northwestern University
MA, Linguistics, Northwestern University
PhD, Neuroscience, MIT

Dr. Perrachione’s research explores how the structure and function of the human brain supports a capacity for complex communication, including speech perception, language learning, and voice recognition. The lab approaches these questions through a systems neuroscience framework, investigating how fundamental neural processes such as auditory plasticity underlie communication development and expertise. This basic science approach supports a clinical research emphasis on understanding the neural profile of developmental communication disorders such as dyslexia and language-based learning impairments. The laboratory employs a wide array of contemporary neuroimaging technologies, including structural and functional MRI, EEG, and noninvasive neurostimulation for research on human participants.