Jacqueline Liederman

Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Jacqueline Liederman
Email: liederma@bu.edu
Web: http://www.bu.edu/psych/faculty/liederma/
Office phone: 617-353-3129
Fax: 617-353-6933
Office number: PSY 118A
Office address: Psychological and Brain Sciences, 100 Cummington Mall, Boston, MA 02215
Office hours: Spring 2017: On sabbatical leave

BA, Psychology, City University of New York
PhD, Physiological Psychology, Developmental and Cognitive Science, University of Rochester

Prof. Liederman's graduate classes include Neuroplasticity: Enabling the Brain to Heal Itself and Developmental Neuropsychology. Both have substantial relevance to aphasia, dyslexia and language/reading disorders.

Her lab tests models of visual and auditory word recognition, especially when letters in word are transposed (visually or masked (auditorily). They also have been testing the Dual-Route Theory of Reading, behaviorally and neurologically. Much of their work is focused on the etiology and characteristics of dyslexia, autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, both in terms of prevention and earlier diagnosis for treatment. She would particularly welcome collaboration with a phonetician or with someone interested in reading.

See her publications on researchgate.net.