Nancy Smith-Hefner

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Nancy Smith-Hefner
Office phone: 617-353-2198
Office number: ASC 415
Office address: African Studies Center, 232 Bay State Road,
Boston, MA 02215

BA, Comparative Literatures, University of Michigan
MA, PhD, Linguistics, University of Michigan

Nancy J. Smith-Hefner has written extensively on issues of language, gender, youth and sexuality in Southeast Asia. Her recent publications include:

  • "Language Shift, Gender, and Ideologies of Modernity in Central Java, Indonesia" (Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, 2009)
  • "Youth Language, Gaul Sociability, and the New Indonesian Middle Class" (Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, 2007)
  • "Javanese Women and the Veil in Post-Suharto Indonesia" (Journal of Asian Studies, 2007)
  • "Reproducing Respectability: Sex and Sexuality among Muslim Javanese Youth" (RIMA, 2006)
  • "The New Muslim Romance: Changing Patterns of Courtship and Marriage Among Educated Javanese Youth" (Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 2006)

Earlier linguistics articles include:

  • “Language and Identity in the Education of Boston-Area Khmer.” (Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 1990)
  • “A Social History of Language Change in Highland East Java.” (Journal of Asian Studies. 1989)
  • “The Linguistic Socialization of Javanese Children in Two Communities” (Anthropological Linguistics, 1988)
  • “Women and Politeness: The Javanese Example” (Language in Society, 1988)