Juliet Floyd

Professor of Philosophy
Juliet Floyd
Email: jfloyd@bu.edu
Email: 617-353-3745
Web: http://www.bu.edu/philo/people/faculty/full-time/juliet-floyd/
Fax: 617-353-6805
Office number: STH 503
Office address: School of Theology, 745 Commonwealth Ave.,
Boston, MA 02215

AB, Philosophy, Wellesley College
AM, PhD, Philosophy, Harvard University

History and Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, History and Development of Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Language.

Prof. Floyd regularly teaches courses on the history of early analytic philosophy and on logic, usually covering the classical paradoxes and thinkers such as Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein and Quine.


Spring 2018

Course number Course title Section Instructor Days Time Room

CAS PH 360


web A1 Floyd TR 2-3:15 CAS 325
Study of the basics of modern logic, including propositional logic, quantifiers, identity and functions, completeness and incompleteness. A special emphasis is placed on strategies of deductive reasoning. [Prereq: one philosophy course or sophomore standing.]
[Meets with GRS PH 633]