Derry Wijaya

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Derry Wijaya

BSs and MSc, School of Computing, National University of Singapore
PhD, Language Technologies, Carnegie Mellon University

Prof. Wijaya's research explores the use of machine learning to extract information from unstructured data such as multilingual text and images, to construct knowledge from the extracted information, and to apply the knowledge to build systems capable of understanding human languages. Central to this enterprise is knowledge. To infer implied beliefs or to verify beliefs expressed in the data requires not only extracting information from diverse data sources, but also synthesizing it with existing and potentially diverse set of knowledge about the kinds of things there are in the world: entities, their properties, and how the entities relate to one another. Her interests are in the construction of knowledge bases (KBs) from multilingual and multimodal data sources and in building systems that can form a coherent set of beliefs from multilingual and multimodal data and the knowledge in KBs.