On Jan. 28, Prof. Charles Chang will be giving a talk in the Glasgow University Laboratory […]
We’re thrilled to announce our Spring 2021 colloquium line-up! In chronological order: Feb. 26: Megan Figueroa […]
Prof. Charles Chang will be delivering a colloquium at UBC Linguistics this Friday, Jan. 15, entitled […]
BU Linguistics students, faculty, and alums are all over the 2021 LSA Meeting schedule: Ying Gong […]
Current and former Linguistics students Michael Fang and Heather Johnson will present their Boston University UROP […]
Prof. Neil Myler will be a panelist at the upcoming virtual “Syntactic Approaches to Morphology” workshop […]
Prof. Charles Chang will be giving a virtual colloquium at the University of Southampton this Wednesday […]
Prof. Charles Chang will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming online meeting of NUPFFALE (Núcleo […]
This weekend, more than 1000 researchers in language development will be gathering at BUCLD 45, the […]
PhD student Megan Brown will be presenting a poster at the upcoming Second Language Research Forum […]