On Oct. 17, PhD student Megan Brown will be presenting a paper at the 14th annual […]
PhD student Ying Gong and Prof. Elizabeth Coppock will be presenting at MIT Linguistics’ Syntax-Semantics Reading […]
Prof. Emerita Jean Berko Gleason will be giving the Welcome Welcome and Goodbye Goodbye speeches at […]
BU faculty and alumni will be presenting at the Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP2020) this weekend! […]
Prof. Kate Lindsey will be giving a colloquium in Georgetown Linguistics’ Friday Speaker Series this Friday, September 18 […]
Prof. Kate Lindsey will be speaking at Brown University’s LingLang Lunch tomorrow (12pm ET) on “Deriving the Pahoturi River vowel […]
PhD student Danielle Dionne and Prof. Elizabeth Coppock will be presenting at this weekend’s Experiments in […]
Prof. Charles Chang will be giving an invited talk at the Poliglotar conference on Sep. 11, […]
Prof. Neil Myler recently gave a talk at the Linguistics Summer School Bolivia (in Spanish), which […]