Honors in Linguistics & Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Honors students are required to complete the 13 courses required for the standard major plus 8 additional credits, including 2 semesters of independent Honors research (for a total of 4 or 8 credits) and up to 4 additional elective credits (a CAS LX course at or above the 400-level or a SAR SH course at or above the 500-level) chosen in consultation with the student’s academic advisor.

The required Senior Honors Research is normally undertaken in the senior year. Students are expected to begin discussions with faculty advisors about the project by March of their junior year, and are required to submit an approved proposal along with their application to the honors program by May 15 of their junior year. The mentor for the honors research can be any faculty member affiliated with this intercollegiate program (either in CAS or SAR).

Qualifications for Application

Qualifications for admission into the honors program include a GPA of at least 3.65 -- and a minimum GPA of 3.7 in the set of courses satisfying requirements for the major -- that the student has taken at the time of application.

Application form

Application form for the honors program.


  • May 15 of Junior year: Deadline for application to the honors program (accompanied by a proposal for the honors thesis, approved by the faculty advisor). However, students are strongly encouraged to submit their application as early as possible in the second semester of their junior year.
  • October 15 of Senior year: Submission of thesis outline with annotated bibliography.
  • Last day of Fall Semester: Submission of written progress report on first semester activities.
  • Jan 1: Decision on continuation of research to be conveyed to student by mentor.
  • March 1: First Draft of written thesis is due to mentor.
  • Last day of classes in the spring semester: Final version of written thesis due to mentor.
  • Late April or early May (exact date TBA): Oral presentation of research.

Graduation with Honors in the Major

The student will need to have a GPA of 3.7 in the major and a grade of at least A- on the honors project in order to graduate with honors in the major.

Printed/printable brochure

Click here for a printable description of the Linguistics & Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences program: http://www.bu.edu/linguistics/UG/joint/lx-slhs.pdf.