Prof. Coppock teaches courses related to semantics and directs the Linguistic Semantics lab (LiSLab Her research addresses foundational topics in truth, reference, quantification, and measurement in natural language semantics, through the lens of specific empirical puzzles.

Specific phenomena of focus have included object agreement in Hungarian, superlative modifiers like “at least”, opinion statements like “licorice is tasty”, interactions between definiteness-marking and special adjectives like “only” and superlatives in Germanic languages, and cross-linguistic variation and universals in the syntax and semantics of quantity superlatives like “the most”. Her most recent research focus pertains to the operations of multiplication and division among quantities, and cross-linguistic variation in how the concept of ratio is grammatically encoded.

Prof. Coppock’s work has appeared in journals including Natural Language SemanticsJournal of SemanticsSemantics and PragmaticsNatural Language and Linguistic TheoryLinguistics and Philosophy, and Language. Links to publications can be found on her website: