The Colloquium Committee, consisting of 2-3 graduate students plus one or more faculty chairs, organizes the annual departmental colloquium series.

Starting in the summer, the committee solicits speaker nominations from students and faculty, selects and invites speakers (approximately 3-4 per semester), and organizes all aspects of each speaker’s visit to BU including meetings with students and faculty.

For details, see Events. If you have any questions or an interest in serving on the committee, please contact any of the current committee members.

Colloquium Time (Spring 2022)

Mondays, 4:30-5:30 (generally)

Current Committee (2021-22)

Jonathan Barnes (co-chair)

Daniel Erker (co-chair)

Kate Lindsey (co-chair)

Danielle Dionne

Alex Kohut

Lee-Ann Vidal Covas

Previous Committees

Megan Brown-Bousfield, Genia Lukin, Charles Chang (chair), 2020-21