Daniel Erker

Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics (with a joint appointment in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)
Director of Graduate Admissions (for Spring 2019)
Daniel Erker
Email: danerker@bu.edu
Web: http://blogs.bu.edu/danerker/
Web: http://ling.bu.edu/people/erker
Office phone: 617-353-6211
Office number: LNG 501A
Office address: Romance Studies, 718 Commonwealth Ave.,
Boston, MA 02215
Office hours: Virtual office hours by appointment. Please email or Slack me to set up a time.

BA, Spanish and English Literatures, Marquette University
MA, Linguistics, Graduate Center of the City University of New York
PhD, Linguistics, New York University

Professor Erker teaches courses in general linguistics and Spanish linguistics. His research interests include language variation, contact, and change, acoustic and articulatory phonetics, Spanish in the United States, the languages of Latin America, and the evolution of human language.

Professor Erker is the director of The Spanish in Boston Project. This project (funded by the National Science Foundation (BCS-1423840) aims to describe and understand how Spanish is used in the Greater Boston Area. Here are some links to local press regarding the project: An interview on WGBH’sUnder The Radar. A written piece in WBGH’s local news section. An article about the project in BU’s online daily newspaper BU Today.

To learn more about Professor Erker's research and publications, please visit his website: http://blogs.bu.edu/danerker/.


Spring 2020

Course number Course title Section Instructor Days Time Room

Quantitative Methods in Linguistics

web A1 Erker MWF 10:10-11 CAS 427
Introduces students to quantitative approaches to linguistic data, including visualization, hypothesis testing, and data modeling. Students will gain proficiency in R, an open-source statistical environment, and learn the logic behind statistical techniques, as well as practical skills for using them. [Prereq: Graduate standing in the Linguistics program, or consent of instructor]
[Meets with GRS LX 795]

CAS LX 346

Language Variation and Change

web A1 Erker MWF 12:20-1:10 CAS B20
Why do languages change over time? Who leads and who follows in situations of language change? The course answers these questions by examining the link between language change and linguistic variation, focusing on how synchronic variation leads to diachronic change. [Prereq: CAS LX 250 Introduction to Language or consent of instructor.]
[Meets with GRS LX 646]
  • Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
  • This course fulfills a single unit in each of the following BU Hub areas:
    • Social Inquiry I
    • Teamwork/Collaboration I