Paul Hagstrom

Associate Professor of Linguistics
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Paul Hagstrom
Office phone: 617-353-6220
Fax: 617-358-4641
Office number: Linguistics 105
Office address: Linguistics Program, 621 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
Office hours: Spring 2016: T 5-6; W 2:30-3:30; R 12-1 (or other times, by appointment)

BA, Physics and Mathematics, Carleton College
PhD, Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professor Hagstrom's research interests are in syntax, semantics, and language acquisition.


Spring 2016

Course number Course title Section Instructor Days Time Room

CAS LX 500

Topics in Linguistics: Crosslinguistic Perspectives on Language Acquisition

web A1 Hagstrom TR 2-3:30 SOC B65
Exploration, within the framework of generative grammar, of how similarities and differences in the acquisition patterns of syntax, semantics, and morphology across typologically diverse languages provide key evidence about the essential nature of first and second language acquisition. [Prereq: CAS LX 250 or consent of instructor]

CAS LX 522

Syntax I

web A1 Hagstrom TR 3:30-5 CAS 116
Introduction to the logical structure and organization of language, and to generative theory. Application of principles of syntactic analysis to students' own and other languages through data-oriented problems from different language types. [Prereq: CAS LX 250 Introduction to Linguistics or consent of instructor.]
  • Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
  • NOTE: Offered ONLY IN SPRING SEMESTER during 2016-17.