Neil Myler

Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Neil Myler
Office phone: 617-358-4642
Fax: 617-358-4641
Office number: Linguistics B 08
Office address: Linguistics Program, 621 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
Office hours: Spring 2016: W 2-3:30; R 4:30-6 (or other times, by appointment)

BA, Modern and Medieval Languages, Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge (UK)
MPhil, Linguistics, Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge (UK)
PhD, Linguistics, New York University

Professor Myler teaches courses on morphology and various aspects of comparative morphosyntax. His research interests include morphology, (micro-)comparative syntax, argument structure, and the morphosyntax and semantics of possession cross-linguistically. Prof. Myler carries out linguistic fieldwork on Quechua languages (in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina) and on English dialects. For a full list of publications, see

Neil Myler introduces himself and describes his courses (see below):


Spring 2016

Course number Course title Section Instructor Days Time Room

CAS LX 501

Linguistic Field Methods

web A1 Myler MWF 9-10 COM 212
An in-depth investigation of the phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and lexicon of an African or other non-Indo-European language. Weekly sessions with language consultant. [Prereq: CAS LX 250 Introduction to Linguistics or consent of instructor.]

CAS LX 521


web A1 Myler MWF 12-1 CAS 116
Morphology, the study of the internal structure and the shapes of words across languages, straddles the boundary between syntax and phonology. This course covers the major empirical and theoretical issues in the study of morphology, emphasizing links to other components of grammar. [Prereq: CAS LX 250 Introduction to Linguistics or consent of instructor.]
  • Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.