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  • Kathryn Franich, “The role of metrical prominence in coordinating speech and the body: Evidence from Medʉmba, a Grassfields Bantu language”
  • Jessica Rett, “Properties of exclamative intonation” (joint work with Beth Sturman)
  • Megan Figueroa, “Rethinking English past tense overregularizations”
  • Jhonnatan Rangel, “Words like the wind: Documenting variation in critically endangered languages”
  • Nandi Sims, “Morphosyntactic variation, social structure, and identity development among Black middle schoolers”
  • Gladys Camacho-Rios, “Morphological variation in South Bolivian Quechua: A new approach to Quechuan typology”
  • Megan Burkhardt-Reed, “Exploring the roles of voice and gesture in early communication development”
  • Rachel Elizabeth Weissler, “How do our experiences influence perception? Exploring the intersection of sociolinguistics and cognitive processing”



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