On Aug. 4, Prof. Charles Chang will be giving a talk in the Abralin ao Vivo […]
Welcome to Dr. Myriam Dali! Dr. Dali is joining the department this semester as a Visiting […]
Congratulations to Prof. Charles Chang on the publication of his chapter “Phonetics and phonology” in The Cambridge […]
A team of BU students, alums, and faculty from LiSLab (Marina Weinstein, Danielle Dionne, Nathaniel Graham, […]
Congratulations to Prof. Kate Lindsey on the publication of her article “Ende oration and final /n/-realisation” […]
Congratulations to Prof. Alexander Nikolaev on the publication of his article “YAv. Spitiiura- and the Compositional […]
Prof. Charles Chang is talking at the May 26 meeting of KoHL/콜 (Korean Heritage Language Research […]
On May 15, the department graduated 23 BAs, 8 Graduate Certificate recipients, and 23 MAs at […]
Prof. Elizabeth Coppock is on two oral presentations at SALT 31 this weekend! Friday, May 7, […]
The book Phonetic fieldwork in Southern New Guinea, co-edited by Prof. Kate Lindsey and Dr. Dineke […]