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The Linguistics Minor in CAS

The minor in Linguistics enables students to study the organization of human language as well as the social dimensions of language use. Students gain an understanding and appreciation of the commonalities among all human languages, the range of linguistic diversity found across the globe, the challenges inherent in the learning of language, and the dynamic nature of language as a system of communication. The minor includes required foundational courses that provide a solid background in the core areas of linguistics, as well as elective options that allow students to tailor their program of study to meet their interests and academic and professional goals.

It is possible to combine a major or minor in linguistics with a major or minor in a particular foreign language. You might also wish to consider the joint majors.

Six Linguistics courses

An advisor can assist you in designing your program of study. The minor consists of six courses, including the following:

Courses in linguistic theory: four core courses


Two additional linguistics courses to be chosen in consultation with an advisor

Students may include up to three transfer courses from other colleges, universities, or non-Boston University study abroad programs and must take a minimum of three courses on the Charles River Campus.

Linguistics Minor and CAS Requirements

Completion of a minor concentration in Linguistics will be considered to have fulfilled the 2-course Humanities Divisional Studies requirement for the College of Arts & Sciences, for students who are still fulfilling the older CAS requirements.

Linguistics courses also satisfy a wide variety of Hub units. For information about how Linguistics courses and degree programs fit in with the brand new BU Hub, see The 6-course Linguistics minor makes it possible to fulfill up to 12 of the 26 required Hub units.

Declare your major or minor

To declare a Linguistics major or a minor in CAS, submit the form here:

Printable Brochure

Click here to download a printable summary of Linguistics major and minor requirements.