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Pengfei Li

(Jan) "Topics in the Mandarin lian...dou construction: Its syntax and acquisition"
Current position: Lecturer in Chinese, Vanderbilt University


Todd Czubek

"A Comprehensive Analysis of Referring Expressions in American Sign Language"
Current position: Instructor, BU School of Education.


Alejna Brugos

"The Interaction of Pitch and Timing in the Perception of Prosodic Grouping"
Partially supported by an NSF award for Doctoral Dissertation Research.
Current position: Visiting researcher in Linguistics at BU

Frances Conlin-Luippold

"Deaf Children's Understanding of the Language of Motion and Location in ASL"

Alexandra Kokovidis

Gendered discourse in German chatroom conversations: the use of modal particles by young adults


Luke Griffith

"An Exploration of Factors Affecting Performance of Adults with Aphasia on a Functional Communication Task"
Current Position: Licensed Speech Pathologist, Dorchester MA

I-hao Woo

"The Syntax of the Aspectual Particles in Mandarin Chinese"
Current Position: The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina Assistant Professor of Chinese, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures CV:


Hui-Wen Cheng

"Semantic and Phonological Activation in First and Second Language Reading" [abstract]
Partially supported by an NSF award for Doctoral Dissertation Research.
Previously: Visiting Assistant Professor, George Mason University (2013-14) Also served as Chinese Lead Annotator at BBN Technologies (2006-14) Recent Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Linguistics Department and Second Language Teaching and Research Center (L2 TReC) at University of Utah, 2012-13.


Mary Hughes

"An Analysis of Discourse-Pragmatic and Grammatical Constraints on the Acquisition and Development of Referential Choice in Child English"
Current Position: Lecturer in Language Education, School of Education, Boston University

Linnea Micciulla

"Factors Predicting the Use of Passive Voice in Newspaper Headlines" [abstract]


Gregory Garretson

"Corpus-Derived Profiles: A Framework for Studying Word Meaning in Text"
Current Position: Senior Lecturer in the English Department, Uppsala University, Sweden

Enkeleida Kapia

"The role of syntax and pragmatics in the structure and acquisition of clitic doubling in Albanian"
Current Position: Chair of the Department of Applied Linguistics, Lexicology and Terminology at the National Research Institutes of Linguistics and Literature in Tirana, Albania.

Noriko Sugimori

"One Hundred Years of the Emperor’s Birthday: Imperial Honorifics as an Index of Social Change" [abstract]
Current Position: Associate Professor of Japanese, Kalamazoo College

Xianghua Tu

"A Discourse-Oriented Approach to Chinese Zero Anaphora Resolution"


Kristina Dahlen

"Aptitude, Rehearsal, and Skin Conductance Response in Foreign Vocabulary Learning" [abstract]
Current Position: Foreign Language Coordinator, Sharon Public Schools

Seung Wan Ha

"Ellipsis, Right Node Raising, and Across-The-Board Constructions"
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, Kyungpook National University, Korea

Giselle Khoury

"Vocabulary Acquisition in Arabic as a Second Language: The Root and Pattern Strategy"
Current Position: Master Lecturer in Arabic, Boston University

Elizabeth Zwanziger

"Variability in L1 and L2 French Wh-Interrogatives: The Role of Communicative Function, Wh-Word, and Metalinguistic Awareness" [abstract]
Current Position: Associate Professor and Field Experience Coordinator, College of Education, University of Northern Iowa


Amanda Brown

"Crosslinguistic Influence in First and Second Languages: Convergence in Speech and Gesture"
Current Position: Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Syracuse

Sarah Catherine Howell

"Low-level second language (L2) learners’ classroom vocabulary acquisition: Effects of intensive repetition and classroom context"
Current Position: Instructional Director, Literacy Source, Seattle, WA

Barbora Skarabela

"The role of social cognition in early syntax: The case of joint attention in argument realization in child Inuktitut"
Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher, University of Edinburgh


Elidea Bernardino

"What do deaf children do when classifiers are not available? The acquisition of classifiers in verbs of motion and verbs of location in Brazilian Sign Language (LSB)"
Current Position: Adjunct professor at the Faculdade de Letras/UFMG (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais), Brazil

Anna Do

"Contrastive discourse markers: An examination of their characteristics in Korean"
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English, New York City College of Technology

Larry Ichimura

"Anti-Homophony Blocking and its Productivity in Transparadigmatic Relations"
Current Position: General Manager/ Gerente General at United Paint Mexico

Heather Littlefield

"Syntax and acquisition in the prepositional domain: Evidence for fine-grained syntactic categories"
Current Position: Associate Teaching Professor & Assistant Director Linguistics for Linguistics, Northeastern University

Miki Sumitomo

"The acquisition of internal state words by Japanese children" [abstract]
Current Position: Professor of Japanese & Linguistics, Pasadena City College

Luz Vasquez

"Cross-linguistics influence in the syntactic domain in simultaneous child bilingualism: data from the speech of an English-Spanish bilingual child"
Current Position: Associate Professor & Director of the Dept. of Filosofia Artes y Letras, University of Costa Rica


Mohammed Al-Dossari

"An Investigation of Bilingual Children’s Metalinguistic Awareness in Two Typologically Unrelated Languages"
Current Position: Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics, King Fahd Security College, Saudi Arabia.


Payung Puttapong Songyoo Cedar

"Transferability and Translatability of Idioms by Thai-Speaking Learners of English" [abstract]
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English, Division of the Humanities Faculty, at Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand.

Laura Domínguez

"The Syntax and Prosody of Focus in Spanish" [abstract]
Current Position: Director of Research and Director of the Institute for Language and Culture in Modern Languages and Linguistics at the University of Southampton, UK.

Rawiah Kabrah

"Opacity and Transparency in the Phonology of Makkan Arabic: A Stratal Optimality-Theoretic Approach"
Current Position: Assistant Professor, English Department, Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia

Tuong Nguyen

"The Structure of the Vietnamese Noun Phrase"
Current Position: Professor/Chairperson of Foreign Language, ESL, and Speech, SUNY Broome

Aisha Saidi

"Linguistic Validation of Automatic Subtopic Segmentation"
Current Position: Word Technology Principal and Founder

Kun-Lin Shu

"The Acquisition of Aspect Markers by Mandarin-Speaking Children" [abstract]
Current Position: The Department of Applied Foreign Languages, MUST (Minghsin Universite of Science and Technology), Taiwan.


Laura Freedgood

"Voicing the Evidence: The Pragmatic Power of Interpreters in Trial Testimony" [abstract]
Current Position: Poet

Jilani Warsi

"Effects of Visual Instruction on Second Language Productive Phonology" [abstract]
Current Position: Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Basic Educational Skills, Queensborough Community College


Pilar Duran

"The Input Hypothesis Inverted: A Comparison of the Input given by Childeren to their Hispanic Immigrant Mothers and by Teachers to thier Hispanic Immigrant Students"
Research Officer of the Vocabulary Diversity project in the School of Education at the University of Reading

Jack Hoza

"The Mitigation of Face-Threatening Acts in Interpreted Interaction: Requests and Rejections in American Sign Language and English" [abstract]
Current Position: Program Director and Professor, Sign Language Interpretation, University of New Hampshire at Manchester

Svetlana McCoy-Rusanova

"Colloquial Russian Particles - To, Ze, and Ved' as Set-Generating ("Kontrastive") Markers: A Unifying Analysis" [abstract]
Current Position: Adjunct Instructor Language Coordinator, Russian, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Eiko Torii-Williams

"An Analysis of Japanese "Synonymous" Adverbs and its Pedagogical Implications"
Current Position: Senior Lecturer in Japanese, Wellesley College

Yun-hee Lee Whang

"The use of Social Deictic Terms in Korean Fiction: Towards an understanding of Literary Discourse" [abstract]
Current Position: Lecturer at Seoul National University, Korea

Andrea Zukowski

"Uncovering Grammatical Competence in Children with Williams Syndrome"
Current Position: Research Scientist, University of Maryland


Normala Othman

"A Comparative Analysis of Malay and English Contrastive Discourse Markers"
Current Position: Associate Professor at Department of English Language and Literature, International Islamic University Malaysia.


Jian Kang Loar

"The Composition of the Perfective Aspect in Mandarin Chinese"
Current Position: Associate Professor of Chinese at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. Book: Chinese Syntactic Grammar: Functional and Conceptual Principles

Chotiros Permpikul

"A Comparative Analysis of Thai and English Contrastive Discourse Markers: With a Discussion of the Pedagogical Implications"

Joan Sawyer

"Verb Adverb and Verb Particle Constructions: their Syntax and Acquisition"

Jui-Chi Su

"The Acquisition of Chinese Connectives by Mandarin-Speaking Children" [abstract]

Teruaki Tsushima

"Developmental Changes in Nonnative Speech Segment Discrimination"
Current Position: Professor at Tokyo Keizai University, Japan

Xiaoyang Zhou

"Processing Strategies Used in Short-term Memory by Japanese and Americans Learning Chinese as a Second Language" [abstract]
Recent Position: Senior Lecturer in Chinese, Boston University.


Aleka Blackwell

"The Effect of Parental Adjective Use on the Acquisition of Adjectives by Young Children "
Current Position: Associate Professor of Linguistics, Department of English, Middle Tennessee State University

Mary Bodwell Buchinger

"Discourse-Intensive Science Learning and Science Education Reform: A Case Study of Teacher Professional Development"
Current Position: writer; and Professor of English and Communication Studies at MCPHS (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences).

Arlyne Luloff

"Meta-Linguistic Problems in Reading Disorders: General and Individual"
We are terribly sorry to learn of her passing: Arlyne K. Luloff obituary

Bhuvaneswari Narasimhan

"The Encoding of Complex Events in English and Hindi"
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Colorado

Saskia Stoessel

"The Investigation of Social Networks as a Factor in Language Maintenance and Shift"
Current Position: Senior Lecturer in German, Tufts University


Dalia Cahana-Amitay

"Syntactic Aspects of the Production of Verbal Inflection in Aphasia" [abstract]
Current Position: Research Analyst and Project Manager, iTakeControl. Recent position: Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology, BU Medical School and Harold Goodglass Aphasia Research Center.

Hsiao-Chih Chang

"The Acquisition of First Person Reference in Chinese"
Current Position: Senior Lecturer in Chinese, Boston University

Pascal De Campos

"Predicate Formation and the Syntax of Hausa Verbs"

Désiré Houngues

"Topics in the Syntax of Mina" [abstract]
Current Position: Professor of General Education, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Former position: Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, SCAD.

Dawn MacLaughlin

"The Structure of Determiner Phrases: Evidence from American Sign Language"
Current Position: Senior Curriculum Developer at Microsoft

Monica Malamud Makowski

"Discourse Markers in Spanish" [published]
Current Position: Associate Professor of Spanish, Cañada College, Redwood City, CA.

Julie Whitlow

"Assessing the Effects of Positive and Negative Input on Second Language Acquisition: A Study Investigating the Learnability of the English Passive by Speakers of Japanese"
Current Position: Professor in the English Department, and Assistant Provost for Global Engagement, Center for International Education, at Salem State University.


Benjamin Bahan

"Non-Manual Realization of Agreement in American Sign Language"
Current Position: Professor, Department of Deaf Studies, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC; and Vice-President, Dawn Sign Press, San Diego, CA

Elaine Crowder

"Gesture and Perspective-Taking in Science Talk: When Learning Histories Vary" [abstract]
Current Position: Communication Coach Specializing in the Multicultural Workplace, and Owner, Communication Exchange.

Chang-Soo Lee

"Variation in Use of Korean Honorific Verbal Endings: An Interactional Sociolinguistic Study"
Current Position: Faculty member, Graduate school of interpretation and translation, Hankuk Univesity of Foreign Studies, Korea


Lorrie Verplaetse

"Discourse modifications in teacher interactions with limited English proficient students in content classrooms"
Current Position: Professor of TESOL and Bilingual Education, TESOL Program Coordinator, and TAT (Training for All Teachers) Program Director, Southern Connecticut State University

Janette Zupnik

"Analysis of conflict discourse : evidence from Israeli-Palestinian 'dialogue' events"
Current Position: Adjunct faculty member in Peace & Conflict Studies at Wayne State U.; previously (or still?): on the faculty of the Levinsky College of Education, Tel Aviv, Israel, Department of English


Debra Aarons

"Aspects of the syntax of American Sign Language"
Current Position: Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities and Languages, University of New South Wales, Australia

Cynthia Ballenger

"Language and literacy in a Haitian pre-school : a perspective from teacher-research"
Current Position: Lecturer and Professional Development Coordinator, Early Childhood Education, Tufts University

David Bell

"Cancelative discourse markers" [published]
Current Position: Associate Professor, and Chair, Department of Linguistics, Ohio University

Julie Ann Christiansen

"Coherence disturbances in aphasia : the assessment of relevance"

Donna Lardiere

"The acquisition of word-formation rules for English synthetic compounding"
Current Position: Professor Emerita of Linguistics, Georgetown U.


Loretta Gray

"Large group discussion in a 3rd/4th grade classroom : a sociolinguistic case study"
Current Position: Professor of English, Central Washington University

Qian Hu

"The acquisition of Chinese classifiers by young Mandarin speaking children"
Current Position: Chief scientist of speech technology, MITRE. Voice authentication, Detecting voice playback

Kirsten Schaetzel

"Literacy and development in Bangladesh"
Current Position: ESL Specialist, Director of Two-Year LL.M. Program, Georgetown University Law Center


Ronnie Silber

"Variability and intelligibility of clarified speech to different listener groups" [abstract]
Principal Systems Engineer, Raytheon


Julio Alves

"The social construction of subjectivity through narrative discourse : the case of urban, working-class Portuguese boys"
Current Position: Director of the Jacobson Center for Writing, Teaching and Learning and a lecturer in the English Department, Smith College


Toni Deser

"Dialect Transmission and Variation: An Acoustic Analysis of Vowels in Six Urban Detroit Families"
Previously worked at the Aphasia Research Center, Department of Neurology, Boston University School of Medicine USA

Sam-po Law

"The syntax and phonology of Cantonese sentence-final particles" [abstract]
Current Position: Professor and Head of Division, Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, U. of Hong Kong

Candace Mitchell

"Ideology and practice : the acquisition of academic literacy in a university ESL (English as a second language) writing class"
Current Position: Professor, College of Advancing and Professional Studies, University of Massachusetts, Boston (teaches Literacy & Culture, Discourse Analysis, Theories and Principles of Language Teaching, Cross Cultural Perspectives)

Alan Schell

"Low level lead exposure during childhood and reading achievement in childhood and young adulthood" [abstract]
Senior Director, User Experience Design at Red Hat, Westwood, MA


Donaldo Macedo

"Aspects of Capeverdean phonology"
Current Position: Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Education, University of Massachusetts, Boston


Barbara Gaines

"Language processing abilities of normal and specifically language impaired children"

Barbara Krieger

"Process and form in the teaching of college-level writing : from polarization to synthesis"
Current Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor of English, Bentley College


Nancy Brown

"Cooperative Efforts for Maintaining Irresolution in Argumentation: Co-in-ercion"
Previously worked in the President's and Vice President's offices at Boston University

Linda Ferrier

"A Comparative Study of the Conversation Skills of Frageil-X, Autistic, and Down Syndrome Individuals"
Current position: Chief Linguist at Phonologics, Inc., Nocatee, Florida; previously Department Chair at Northeastern University, Bouve College of Health Sciences, Dept. of Speech Language Pathology

Barbara Gomes

"The development of Spanish clitics : semantic notions and formal devices"

Mingquan Wang

"Transitivity and the BA Construction in Mandarin"
Current position: Senior Lecturer, Chinese Program, Tufts University


Margerie Perlman Lorch

"A Cross-Linguistic Study of Verb Inflections in Agrammatism"
Current position: Professor of Neurolinguistics, Dept of Applied Linguistics and Communication, Birkbeck College, University of London


Eva Baharov

"Aspects of Speech Production and Speech Comprehension in Hebrew Agrammatism of Speech: Two Case Studies"
Very sad news: In memoriam: Eva Baharov


Melanie Fried Oken

"The Development of Naming Skills in Normal and Language Deficient Children"
Current position: Professor, neurology, pediatrics, biomedical engineering and otolaryngology (ENT), Oregon Health & Science University


Patricia Moylan

"Strategiy Choice and Performance in Syllogistic Problem Solving in Female High School Students"
Current position: Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Dept. of Neurosurgery at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. previously Associate Professor, Wayne State U.