BU linguists are scheduled to give several conference presentations at the upcoming Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 6 (LDLT6), the 25th International Conference on Yue Dialects, and the 19th Old World Conference on Phonology (OCP19):

  • On Dec. 17, PhD student Alex Kohut will present “Ende vowel harmony: At the intersection of phonetics and phonology” at LDLT6.
  • On Dec. 17, MA student Berenger Garnica and Prof. Kate Lindsey will present “Language corpora and documentation: A guide to the Ende corpus” at LDLT6.
  • On Dec. 17, MA student Ryan Chon and Prof. Kate Lindsey will present “Coronal stops in Kawam: Sound change and phonetic variation” at LDLT6 and, on Jan. 27, a poster version of this work at the OCP19 workshop on Understanding Language Change.
  • On Dec. 18, PhD student Chris Lee and Prof. Danny Erker will present “Sentence-final particles as a potential site of variation: A preliminary study of heritage Cantonese speakers in Toronto, Canada” at the International Conference on Yue Dialects.

Congratulations to all!

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